Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to the most asked questions.

Yes! Absolutely! We only source items that are genuine. We do not carry products that are fake or damaged that would not be true to the value of the product. Regardless, we have our reputation on the line and we would never do anything that even remotely damages our reputation.

We do sell items that are non-branded or custom as listed so. They are never bad in any way. They are made by quality batmakers from top bat manufacturing companies who make bats for top cricket brand companies. These items could have been branded by the top brands, but sometimes they end up being extra pieces that we source. Thus it could be a bargain item for a customer like you. Imagine a Virat Kohli preferred profile quality bat ending up in your hands as a non-branded bat. It is just missing the MRF stickers. We cannot and will not brand it as an MRF bat since it is not sourced directly from MRF who does the stickering themselves. We just do not want to fake it!

We do not carry any items that are damaged or of bad quality. An item listed for a cheaper price does not mean it is of inferior quality. But its performance would not match that of a similar but higher-priced item. We want you to enjoy the item you purchase. We run on a passion for the game and your trust and relationship that exceeds profits.

We hope to our best that the item will perform to the grading set forth by the manufacturers. One could get lucky when buying a cricket bat for example at a cheaper price that may outperform a higher-priced item. Wood is a natural product and no one can guarantee its performance absolutely. However, it is widely observed that a higher graded item mostly always outperforms one that is graded lower.